Tuesday, January 10, 2012

$100, 3 girls, and no plans!

So what do you do when you have absolutely nothing (for the first time in forever) planned on a Saturday, $100 cash to spend on anything you want, and the best Mom and sister you could ask for?

How about a little shopping, a little eating, and some bowling to top it all off!

I was actually kinda bummed about the weekend approaching...Chris had planned a fishing trip with his buddies last minute while I actually had wanted to get a jump start on some of those New Year's goals we had discussed. We were obviously not on the same page and I REAAAAAALLLLY didn't want to tackle the chaos that's called our bedroom by myself. 

My boss actually made the suggestion of just taking some much needed time for myself...it was a stressful week and I deserved some ME time...who knew that my amazing Momma had the same thought process going on?

7 HeyTell's later and 2 text messages telling me to WAKE UP!!!! our plan was set in motion...yet, there really was no plan! 

Allie and Mom showed up shortly later bring gifts of sugary goodness...the boys were pleasantly surprised by this and quickly ate their donuts so they could head back to bed...yep those teenage years are officially here! 

Then we were off to the mall, some Christmas returns (when did my 10 year old's foot get as big as mine?!?!?) and then on to check out Macy's boot sale. 
Oh wait...we NEVER buy anything at Macy's! Why do we continue wasting our time in there? 

Anyone else like this? It's too overwhelming I think...I have enough "clothes shoved too closely together, nothing organized" in my own closet to want to shop in a store that's racks look like I've got going on at home. Maybe it's just me....

Anyways, a quick trip to the food court to finally break our $100 bill and to enjoy the blissdom of carb coated chicken at the Mandarin Garden and we finally had a plan!

$76.89 (after our lunches) and our bellies full, we headed to a local bowling alley...

Now, I definitely don't claim to be the world's greatest bowler by any means...I couldn't even break 100, but little sister up there...I don't know what sort of warm up/release thing she had going on. I think she was confused and thought we were playing softball ;-) Haha! Mom...always the competitive one, won both games! 

All in all, we played a couple of games of bowling, did a little shopping, laughed a ton, and had a great, unexpected Saturday together. I couldn't have asked for any better non plan than that!

An added bonus? Mom went home with $20 left!!! 

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