Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter...the finale

Tonight is the opening night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2...
by now, all around the country, Harry Potter fans are lined up waiting to see the End.

Dressed in their black capes and gold and maroon scarves
{no I do not know these people personally}

Fans who have been there from the beginning...
{aren't they cute?}

To now...
{kinda handsome if I do say so}

I hate that I can't be there...
it's the first time I'll have missed a midnight 
showing of any of the HP premiers :-( 
but as I'm now officially a grown up  
and have a real job (more on that later)
I don't think I would be able to function
on just 3 hours of sleep...
Plus my own little 
Harry Potters are still vacationing with their 
Pa and Mamaw in MO and would DIE if I went without them. 
Date night with my boys soon? I think so!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My sweet, sweet Monkey

Check this kid he not the cutest thing you've ever seen? He's also the sweetest, most loving little 10 year old boy any Momma could want. The kid thrives on hugs and kisses and loves me unconditionally - "whole, whole bunches"as we say in our home. He'll let me snuggle him anytime I want, and even puts on his "baby face" just for me <3 Tonight was a perfect example of how sweet my little Monkey really is....although is Daddy and brother may not agree ;-)

Sitting in the parking lot after Macon's ballgame, we're deciding on who's riding with who...when out of the backseat, Caleb says "Macon ride with Daddy, I want to talk to Momma alone." So off we go, with my expectations high of the conversation we're going to have. Will it be about the latest book he's read? Or maybe what new idea he's come up with. Either way, I'm ready....

Me: So what did you want to talk about CalebBaleb?
Caleb: Nothing
Me: Nothing? But you told brother you wanted to talk to me alone.
Caleb: I know. I just wanted you all to myself.
Me: Oh really? And why's that?
Caleb: Cause I like having you ALLLLL to myself Momma. I don't want to share you with ANYone!
Me: You can't even share me with brother?
Caleb: No...he needs too much.
Me: What about Daddy? Can you share me with him?
Caleb: Ummmm.... I guess, if I have to....which I guess I do, you did marry him after all.

Hahaha! I thought my heart was going to explode with love (and laughter)! And while this "Momma's boy phase" may not last forever, and eventually I'm sure the cuddling and hugs will slow down, for now, I'll take all of Caleb and his baby faces, sit in my lap requests, and talks as I can get. I'll even let him not share me every once in a while...just don't tell Daddy and brother ;-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The good ole days

Well, we are now officially moved into the Lake House. We've been here a little over a month now and soo much has changed already. The kitchen has seen the biggest changes- painted cabinets, new appliances, even a new ceiling and light fixtures! I've been taking lots of before/after pictures that I promise to post soon, but for now, to hold all 3 of my loyal readers attention, I thought I might post some oldies but goodies that I found on Hilda's computer.
I remember how proud he was that day...and how badly he smelled ;-)
Look at those chubby legs!!!! And those curls! 

Look how cute they are in their little man recliners. Matches perfectly with the flowers and butterflies behind them ;-)
Oh my gosh! What a little Bug!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Put me in Coach!

I realize I'm not doing my best at keeping this updated. I promise it is always in the back of my mind-Ohhh that could be a good blog post...Ohhh I need to post that pic. Obviously life takes over and keeps me from it though, but tonight I just had to share.

Tonight was our first night back on the baseball field!!!!!! First practice baby! I don't know who was more or Macon. Either way, my kid is back! Yea, he was a little rusty, a little slower than some of the other kids, but his heart is there and he's ready baby! After running some laps, the coach asked each kid what position they had played last year, and what they would be interested in playing this year. Luck would have it, he was chosen to play on the same team (same coaches and lots of the same kids). So when he got to Macon, I think I actually held my breath straining to hear what his response would be.
Coach: So what position do you want to play?
Macon: Catcher..what else?
Coach: You SURE?!?!?!
Macon: *Big Cheesy Smile*
There was no fear, no hesitation...just smiles. I don't think I've ever looked more forward to a season than now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making things more final...

Today brings us one step closer to ending a very hard chapter of our lives. As most of you know, Chris' mom passed away very unexpectedly on November 21, 2010, she was only 56 years old. She was also the only family he had left.

It's been a very rough last few months, not just emotionally but mentally and physically as well. There are soo many things to take care of when a loved one passes, things you never think of. Canceling credit cards, closing bank accounts, cleaning out the house....and that brings us to today. Today is the estate is when strangers enter her house and browse through her belongings taking them home with them where we'll never see them again. We're not allowed to be there, during the sale I mean, and now I truly understand why.

Last night we decided to make one last walk through of the house, just to make sure the items we wanted to keep were marked and get an idea of how the whole process works. But as we stood there, with all her things surrounding us, I was hit with an extreme sense of loss and sadness. This was the last time we would ever see these items, things that she loved and personally picked out, things that Chris had helped move through the different houses of his childhood. It just made things that  much more real...that she's really gone.

Don't get me wrong, I know they are just "things"...and we have spent the last month going through each room, picking out the items we wanted to keep. Knick knacks, pictures, some of the more personal pieces that Chris and the boys both wanted, and needed, to keep her close. But the thought hit me, of how hard this would be if they were my own mom's things, and this was the last time I got to see them, smell them, and touch them. It made my heart hurt that much more for him, of course, as a man, he holds it in. So I'm asking, for those few of you out there reading this, to just keep us in your prayers, to help us through this next step of closure, to remind us that you love us and that it's not the "things" that make that love real.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I'm completed addicted to Google Reader (for those of you who don't know what that is, you're missing out!) and so any spare time I have, which really means, any free time I can pretend I have, is spent reading about other people's lives, home remodeling projects, kids, etc. I'm following blogs that document every step their child makes, every poop their dog takes, and every gaseous sound their husband haves...well not really, but you get the idea. And as much fun as I'm having catching up on the lives of complete strangers, it's making me feel like a rather crappy mom/wife and blogger. There have been soo many things that have happened over the last year that I didn't document and now wish I had. So this is my re-attempt to blog regularly and hopefully a few of you will follow along for the journey. Stay tuned!