Monday, March 21, 2011

Put me in Coach!

I realize I'm not doing my best at keeping this updated. I promise it is always in the back of my mind-Ohhh that could be a good blog post...Ohhh I need to post that pic. Obviously life takes over and keeps me from it though, but tonight I just had to share.

Tonight was our first night back on the baseball field!!!!!! First practice baby! I don't know who was more or Macon. Either way, my kid is back! Yea, he was a little rusty, a little slower than some of the other kids, but his heart is there and he's ready baby! After running some laps, the coach asked each kid what position they had played last year, and what they would be interested in playing this year. Luck would have it, he was chosen to play on the same team (same coaches and lots of the same kids). So when he got to Macon, I think I actually held my breath straining to hear what his response would be.
Coach: So what position do you want to play?
Macon: Catcher..what else?
Coach: You SURE?!?!?!
Macon: *Big Cheesy Smile*
There was no fear, no hesitation...just smiles. I don't think I've ever looked more forward to a season than now.

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