Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Message from the Boys

So this is a little late, but wanted to share a short video of the boys that I took as we were decorating the tree. We ran into some issues as Macon was putting the first ornament up, our floor is concrete (we're awaiting our tile)! With 2 boys, 3 dogs, and a husband, the chances of one of my sentimental glass ornaments falling to the floor and shattering are astronomical! Soo...we had to improvise and wrap a blanket around the tree, and only put "kid" ornaments at the assured though, that I have since come in and moved things around to make it more even (you'll see what I mean when you watch the video).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Reason for Thanks!

So it's been a while since I've been able to post, but life has been busy! This semester is wrapping up, Chris' company has been bought out, and the boys are...well, the boys. Typically, I am not one to get overly excited by Thanksgiving, as it's just a pit stop along the way to Christmas...but this year...a whole different story! I'm not sure if it's because I've been gone so much from my family the last three months, or perhaps just because I'm getting a little older (notice I did not say OLD!), but I really wanted to take a few extra minutes to share all the things I am thankful for this year.

* I am thankful for the support I have been given in my decision to go back to school...both by family and friends. Without that, I'm not sure I could have done it.
* I am thankful for Stanley, who bought out Mid-South Automatic Door. Although the transition may be difficult for Chris, it means he still has a job in this tough economy, and one with much better benefits.
* I am thankful for my Mom, who has taught me how to be frugal. With her knowledge, I've been able to keep my family fed for less, which has really been a lifesaver with me not working.
* I am thankful for my friends, who have kept me sane the last few months. The quick breaks in reality spent talking on the phone, or over coffee, have been such a stress relief.
* I am thankful Hershey's. By giving my brother such an amazing job, he has been able to still spend time home with us.
* I am thankful for my boys, Macon and Caleb. Who have given me stress, panic attacks and gray hair....without them, I wouldn't know how much fun life could be.
* I am thankful for my husband, Chris and the last 8 years of our lives. You are my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my co-conspirator in life. Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our night of tricks and treats!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween! We carried on with our annual tradition of spending Halloween with Nana and Papa. The boys each had creative ideas for their costumes this year, and I really have to brag-We did good! Caleb was a hippie and Macon a walking zombie. Chris and I dressed up also-Hello! Photo ops! Haha! Our friends Cat, Blade, Gunner, and Aunt Lynn joined us on our candy hunt. Afterwards, we dug into the HUGE pumpkins Papa got us, and cut WAY too detailed carvings. And don't forget the wonderful home made chilli that Nana cooked especially for the cool night! There's nothing I love more than a fun night spent with my family creating treasured memories for my boys.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yep...he's a boy alright!

So many of you know the story of Caleb and how the Dr's told us over and over that he was going to be a girl...imagine our surprise when a 10lb screaming boy pops out! anyways, I swear the child is trying to prove to everyone just how much of a boy he is!
At the young age of 7, my child has broken his collar bone, not once, but twice....broken both bones in his left arm that required two surgeries, and countless other mishaps. Well, wouldn't you know it...he's not done! Saturday afternoon, the neighborhood kids stopped by to jump on the trampoline...(don't even get me started on them.) Anyways, Chris sticks his head out the door to yell "BE CAREFUL", as they were of course, doing what? BEING BOYS! Within 2 minutes of said warning, I hear the "OMG I'M HURT" all know this scream by now, if not, I would be more than happy to send this child over to your house for a while so you can learn it, as its like a second language for him. Soooo, I run to the door, and what do I see? Caleb (of course) standing there holding his head forward, and blood POURING everywhere....GREAT! Chris (who was alone when then whole broken arm incident happened, and apparently still has post traumatic stress disorder from it) FREAKS out and starts yelling that he KNEW this was going to happen. Well, first of all, 1. if you KNEW this was going to happen, why didn't you tell the kids to get off the trampoline? and 2. you didn't KNOW this was going to happen, it was an accident...calm down SheRa. Anyways, I grab a towel and apply pressure to try to stop the bleeding long enough to see how bad it really inch and half long gash above his eye, right below the eyebrow. Ok, yes its bad, BUT it's not like his eyeball popped out, we'll figure this 2.3 seconds, my husband has grabbed the child, loaded him in the car and is screaming at me (as I'm trying to call the minor med) to "COME ON WE HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" first of all, he has stopped crying AND I have the phone in my hand trying to figure out where to go...(you would think by now I would have these numbers memorized ) let me handle the situation. Instead, we fly through traffic (on Hwy 64 at 4:30 in the afternoon no less....yea, no possibilities of doing more damage by having an accident there...) and swing in to St. Francis Hospital. Thankfully there was no one there, and they were able to get us back pretty quickly....although, as we're sitting there, I start to wonder how long it'll be before all the hospitals to pull their charts together and send child services to come inspect my house as this is now the child's 4th emergency room visit in 7 years. Anyways.....they were able to patch him back together, a little bit of glue and some bandaids and he was all good (although he was kinda hoping for some stitches so he could be Frankenstien for Halloween...HAHA! That's MY child!) and my husband was finally able to breathe again. Ahhhhh..the joys of boys!