Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My sweet, sweet Monkey

Check this kid out...is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen? He's also the sweetest, most loving little 10 year old boy any Momma could want. The kid thrives on hugs and kisses and loves me unconditionally - "whole, whole bunches"as we say in our home. He'll let me snuggle him anytime I want, and even puts on his "baby face" just for me <3 Tonight was a perfect example of how sweet my little Monkey really is....although is Daddy and brother may not agree ;-)

Sitting in the parking lot after Macon's ballgame, we're deciding on who's riding with who...when out of the backseat, Caleb says "Macon ride with Daddy, I want to talk to Momma alone." So off we go, with my expectations high of the conversation we're going to have. Will it be about the latest book he's read? Or maybe what new idea he's come up with. Either way, I'm ready....

Me: So what did you want to talk about CalebBaleb?
Caleb: Nothing
Me: Nothing? But you told brother you wanted to talk to me alone.
Caleb: I know. I just wanted you all to myself.
Me: Oh really? And why's that?
Caleb: Cause I like having you ALLLLL to myself Momma. I don't want to share you with ANYone!
Me: You can't even share me with brother?
Caleb: No...he needs too much.
Me: What about Daddy? Can you share me with him?
Caleb: Ummmm.... I guess, if I have to....which I guess I do, you did marry him after all.

Hahaha! I thought my heart was going to explode with love (and laughter)! And while this "Momma's boy phase" may not last forever, and eventually I'm sure the cuddling and hugs will slow down, for now, I'll take all of Caleb and his baby faces, sit in my lap requests, and talks as I can get. I'll even let him not share me every once in a while...just don't tell Daddy and brother ;-)


Anonymous said...

awwww - that was so sweet - love my Caleb (and of course my Macon too) and you too Michele! Momma

Robin Hillyer Miles said...

Awww. Sweet boy! My son usually chooses to ride in the car with his dad because he rarely gets to do so. I'm jealous.