Friday, June 19, 2009

Proceed with Caution

I say that because the images you are about to see may shock, scare and/or cause extreme laughter (or crying if your name is Nana).

Caleb definitely has his own sense of style, as I'm sure many of you have witnessed. For instance, he loves socks...all socks. But they have to be colorful ones, striped ones, ones with designs. Nothing to plain for my boy! When its time to dress himself, I honestly think he tries to find the most mismatched items just to make things more interesting. Boring is not a word in his vocabulary. So when it comes to hairstyles, you can't expect anything different.

During a recent visit by our friends Cary and Shalein, Caleb jumped on the opportunity to ask Ms. Shalein to cut his hair. In a mohawk...a tall one. Let me just say, he has been asking for one for years now, and for the most part, we've been able to appease him with a faux hawk each summer....obviously, it wasn't going to work this time. Given the okay, out came the clippers, off came the hair and emerged my little rocker boy.

While I'm sure alot of parents out there may not approve, and we might get a few weird looks at Kroger from the older community, I'd just like to say, my little boy is on cloud nine! He wakes up in the morning asking if he can put more gel in it, then smiles everytime he walks past a mirror. My outlook is, it's just hair, it grows back, and more than likely this is just a phase. But when he's older, and looks back at the pictures, hopefully he'll smile and think "man I had a cool mom!" :-)

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Sherrie Bee Bop said...

I LOVE IT! How adorable! :)