Monday, February 3, 2014

Random thoughts for a random day...

The Seattle Sehawks won Superbowl 48 last night.

 For the first time in the history of our little family, we all sat down together to watch the big game. To hear Caleb cheering on a sports team was quite amusing as he's typically complaining about whatever sport happens to be on at the time. He actually gave me a high-five at one point! While we're all big Tennessee Vols fans and hated to see Peyton go down the way he did, this family was cheering on the Hawks loud and proud! 

Yesterday was also our beloved Grandmother Hicks' 90th birthday!!!

 I credit this sweet, wonderful woman for so many of the amazing "habits" my husband currently exudes...his love of cooking, considering others before himself, his kindness towards everyone and mostly, his patience. I have never met anyone who is as welcoming to everyone she comes in contact with as her, much less, ever heard her speak a harsh word. Chris' family is so small compared to my own, but the love everyone has makes it seem soo much bigger...and we owe it all to her.  I can only hope and pray that I'll have as much faith, courage, and love as her when I reach 90!

The weather this winter has been absolutely NUTS! It's been beyond freezing, yet NO SNOW!!!! We did wake up last week to find our lake was completely frozen over! This is no shallow pond in the back yard...this is a 300+acre lake with depths reaching 50 feet. We had geese flying in from all over to rest, lay, play (?) on our lake. I had to snap a couple pictures, as I wasn't sure we'd ever see this again.

 Last but not least. February is here. It's officially my birthday month. Yes, I celebrate all month. Yes, I expect my friends and family to do the same. Yes, I am spoiled. Even better than celebrating the entire month for myself, I'm celebrating this little boy. Every day I'm thankful for him. He brings us absolute joy. I don't know how we went as long without him. Best birthday present ever.

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